A complete software solution for Rototype back office cheque printing machines:

  • CBD 500
  • CBD 1000HT
  • CBD 2000
  • CJD 6000

The CheckMATE is Rototype’s recommended companion software for back office machines. The CheckMATE software as its name suggest is the Cheque’s best friend and best move (CheckMATE) for customers and clients who look for a robust and user-friendly software solution which caters for all the requirement back office cheque printing.


Two versions would help clients find the best suited software as per their requirement and scalability.


CheckMATE Standard


CheckMATE Basic is a standalone Cheque Book Printing solution that receives chequebook requests from one of the following sources:

  • Manual key in of user data from a paper/email format delivered to printing operator
  • Search and retrieval of customer data from a SQL (or Excel) database
  • Core banking system request file integration: the software monitors a network folder for core banking system generated CSV file with the request and let operator print the core banking system requests (unattended operation is also available in this case)

Software let operator choose the booklet format among the preconfigured templates, and it prints the checkbook driving any Rototype printer (CBD and CJD families). It consists of client application that is the evolution of years of rich experience of handling chequebook printing, employing several features that are driven by a large clientele.


CheckMATE Plus


CheckMATE Plus is a client - server based solution that adds to CheckMATE the authorization workflow. Once the operator has inserted or searched customer data in a database, the booklet printing can be authorized by a supervisor via a browser based application. Key features of this software is browser-based administration: unit status and consumable remote monitoring, user configuration and role setting, booklet printing supervisor approval (dual control), secure reprinting of damaged booklets via supervisor approval.

The client-server platform allows to easily adapt to customer specific workflows.

Note: CheckMATE Plus, when combined with core banking integration, does not support user management and approval workflow, because it is our assumption that request approval is managed via the core banking system and the operator only focuses on printing.