Secure protocols, custom software solutions and platforms (XFS drivers, financial transactions, secure web service platforms)

Rototype is one of the few companies that has hands on experience with XFS protocols and has developed XFS drivers from scratch (it has developed drivers for printers, scanners, encrypted keypad, cash in and cheque in modules including a very innovative CIM+IPM mixed mode according to XFS 3.20). It can develop both XFS drivers and applications according to any customer need.
In the camp of web services, Rototype has developed secure and efficient web services for processing mobile+cloud cheque validation (currently in use at State Bank of India in India and First Abu Dhabi Bank in UAE). It has experience with secure protocols, with efficient web services and with digital signature technologies. Rototype can fully develop the software or act as a system coordinator if you prefer to use your internal/traditional development suppliers and you want to exploit the experience on security and efficiency.

Personalised kiosks with automation solutions

We develop hardware, firmware, software for any kind of custom kiosk involving payment solutions, document treatment, scanning, printing, barcode handling, NFC. We have experience in developing totally custom solutions exploiting any existing technological peripheral and proprietary mechanical/electronic automation.

We have developed our experience in the field of cheque and banknote processing in the banking industry working at the highest standards of security. Ticketing, payment, document processing kiosks with special interfaces and custom software are our specialty. We can perform the design of hardware, software and also custom mechanical enclosure from samples to mass production even in high volumes.

Custom mechanical, hardware, firmware and software projects

We develop third party projects based on customer specification. We have production capability or we provide the complete project design for external production according to customer need.

Whether it is a special vending machine or a small custom automation, whichever your field of application, bring us your idea, your issue, your concept and we will follow you in the design of the appropriate solution.
We develop hardware, firmware, software, mechanical movements, sensors and we integrate everything from the concept to volume production.

Rototoype is involved in a co-funded project from the POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020 with the target of developing an hardware, firmware and software platform which is both powerful and cheap enough to satisfy several needs in different contexts and fields with all IoT and Cybersecurity features included by design.
Thousands of small companies in Italy and worldwide struggle with the challenge to keep up with the most advanced electronic technologies: Industry 4.0 has defined objectives of network connectivity of all devices, has paved the way to smart protocols also to achieve cybersecurity robustness. The hardware and software technology that is available on the market, driven by IT and mobile phone spreading and fast evolution, is ready to grant a quantum leap in the management of small automation systems that despite smaller numbers and higher market fragmentation could largely benefit from connectivity and smartness as Industry 4.0 and IoT concepts have inspired.