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Rototype, an Italian firm, established since 1962, offers solutions to the banking systems to improve their operational processes.

It is an independent, family Company, with its headquarter and R&D Department located in Calenzano (Firenze) and Software Development Department located in Milano.

Rototype factory

From the very beginning it has been Rototype's avowed policy to concentrate on the internal research and development of products and through a team of experienced and professional staff, this policy has enabled the Company to grow to be one of the worldwide leaders in the banking system.

Rototype supplies complete systems, hardware and software, to meet customer requirements, providing professional services to assist in the implementation of software solutions.

These services include communication network review, systems integrations, custom software and project management that encompass all facets of a successful implementation.

For the production, Rototype selects reliable suppliers who operate with specific quality control plans, nevertheless the final quality control is always performed internally by its personnel.

Rototype markets its products worldwide and its strategic sales network consists of local distributors in combination with direct sales which has proved to be able to deliver tailored solutions with great customer satisfaction.

Rototype S.p.A has been serving the banking sector in technology automation and digital transformation for over half a century. Our solution development and innovation are driven by our customers’ vision and market needs.

Rototype S.p.A Middle East Branch office in Dubai, UAE is a step towards our direct global reach out to our clients and distributors. The office empowers our Middle East and African partners and customers with closer access to strategically located showroom facilities, direct client meetings and markets accessibility enabling Rototype S.p.A enhance products & services and release new solutions meeting the requirements of the market.

Dafza office

In July 2000 Rototype has been certified UNI EN ISO 9001 for the following fields of activities: "Engineering design, manufacturing, marketing and after sales service of office automation equipments for bank, postal and similar documents processing".



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