Software Innovation & Solutions


For more than 50 years Rototype S.p.A has produced bank processing equipment aligned with our clients and customers’ business model and market requirement from various countries around the world. A very special attention has been paid over the years to every small detail in efficiently fabricating our machines with passion, professionalism and top-quality material bundled in Italian Design.

This has resulted in Rototype S.p.A ‘s internal capacity to conceive, innovate, develop, test and implement software solutions which can best fit to our partners, distributors and client requirements.

Ranging from our SDKs to our APIs, from our test containers to our test tools and from our demo software to client application each version of software has been developed keeping Rototype’s customer and user experience in consideration. Rototype’s vast experience and its knowledge working in various countries and regions around the world has ensued a new path of software applications and solutions development which our partners and distributors can offer to their client. Over the last few years, we have invested a great time and effort in producing the best companion software suites for our machines.

These companion software suites would address our customer needs right from a simple standalone software to an enterprise software with complex requirement.

Rototype S.p.A’s software Innovation and solutions is a journey which would never stop improvements and enhancements. Our customers’ and clients’ feedback and our new markets business requirement will always be our feed and fuel to keep this journey enthusiastic and live.

We are happy to announce CheckMATE and CheckATMOS, two new software applications realized for our backoffice and self service checkbook printing machines.


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