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IPK 1000 is a self service kiosk for document processing.
In addition to the typical functions of an informational Banking kiosk
(checking account, online Banking functionalities) it features A4
duplex scanner and A4 duplex laser printer: it can therefore be used
for depositing documents and modules (such as tax modules,
money transfer orders, signed authorization documents, etc.) and
for printing informational documents such as a list of operations or
complete account operation log. Scanned documents can be retained
inside the kiosk in a high capacity tray or returned to the customer.
Certified components for Banking applications differentiate this kiosk
that can be used with Banking cards for payments and other financial functions.

  • A4 high resolution (300 dpi) duplex colour scanner.
  • A4 duplex monochromatic laser printer.
  • EMV card reader (magnetic band and chip) with XFS compliance.
  • Encrypted keypad with XFS and PCI compliance.
  • 15” touchscreen monitor with SAW technology. On screen virtual keyboard.


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