CheckATMOS is the professional self service cheque printing solution. Together with CJD 8000 cheque book printer kiosk, customer can offer an ATM experience to users that can retrieve chequebooks from self service machine with an operation identical to the one they are used to perform to retrieve cash. The solution includes a client software with completely configurable GUI pages that take care of the user transaction and a server with a Web interface that monitors the entire network of CJD 8000 kiosks.

User transaction can be initiated with banking card and pin or with a transactionID that can be manually inserted or read from a QR code (this allows to perform mobile app requests that end up with printing at the kiosk). The user validation requires that the bank provides a WebService to authenticate the user (customizations are possible). Transaction might be configured to let the user choose some options of booklets (for example number of cheques) and is completed with the booklet delivery and receipt. Like an ATM, of course, card and booklet can be retracted and secured if user fails to collect them.

The monitoring system shows the live status of the units on a map or as list, allows to remotely restart, temporarily put of service or back into service the units. It also monitors the status of consumables allowing to plan the consumable refill/replacement in advance. In case of a unit problem it gives valuable information to understand the problem remotely and eventually solve it with only one visit to the site. The transactions are also monitored so that supervisors can understand, at a glance, which units are bearing the higher load and which ones are not used regularly.