All-in-one solution to withdraw and deposit cash and cheques

Rototype MDS 9000R is an advanced unit that covers all the customer needs taking advantage of the latest recycling technology for cash and a full features cheque depositing process. Cheque processing module is the same fully featured, unique, Rototype designed module as in CSD 2002/EC: for the cheque processing module features see CSD 2002/EC detailed.

  • Feeder capacity of up to 300 banknotes
  • Possibility to recycle up to 8 denominations
  • ECB banknote processing
  • Secure state of the art detection of counterfeit banknotes
  • Front and rear image capture of the cheques after stamping and endorsing
  • Scanner mode: monochrome or UV
  • Print receipts with images of cheques and transaction details
  • Storing of banknotes in five different removable collecting boxes
  • Storing of cheques in a removable key locked 4 pockets box
  • DDA Compliant kiosk
  • Full XFS compliance

For MDS 9000 R, Rototype offers Kalignite software thanks to a partnership with the well established and widely recognized KAL software company. KAL software is installed in millions of ATMs around the globe and covers all needed features and all needed interfaces to Switches and credit card providers. It is fully adaptable and configurable. Severe certification procedure guarantees perfect integration with the Rototype hardware based on XFS standard.


KAL kalignite 


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