Historically, checkbook printing has ever been a quite challenging matter for banking equipment manufacturers because of difficulties on using laser printing engines, which are conceived for A4 desk printers, with paper of various size and also because of the impossibility of properly cutting and assembling booklets of any size from A4 sheets.

For this reason, often banks are committing branch level check customization directly to typography even if not really cost effective and therefore renouncing in this way to any kind of customer level personalization.

CBD 2000 is a really solid solution for checkbook printing which allows to do any kind of personalization, at both branch and customer level, on check paper of any size hence it allows saving customization charges at typography level.

CBD 2000 is the evolution of CBD1000HT  that is on the market since several years and the many thousands of units sold is the most tangible sign of its appreciation among worldwide located banks.

Main features

The machine is loaded from the top where the user can get access directly to the feeding station composed by two compartments storing 1500 checks and 600 covers/order forms.

After being fed, checks enter the MICR impact encoding station that is composed by a E13B or CMC7 wheel hit by the encoding hammer which transfers the MICR ribbon onto the codeline area.

Optionally, CBD 2000 can include an OCR reader that can be used for handling checks with pre-printed serial number so to avoid mismatch printing due to check sequence alteration caused by double feeding issues, which can also be detected by special deputed sensors.

Checks are then verified by means of a MICR reader which can validate the check for the following printing station or address it, after being punched and voided, to the reject bin in case of encoding errors, so to avoid corrupting the right check sequence.

Printing station is composed by three 3 inkjet high resolution printheads (300 dpi) able to print QR code up to 1" size. The position is manually adjustable from 5 mm from the bottom of the cheques up to 85 mm.

Valid checks are then collected in the alignment station where the booklet of a maximum 50 sheets plus covers is composed, aligned and sent to the stapling unit.

After stapling, the booklet is sent to the binding station where a really precise mechanism applies an adhesive tape to the booklet edge before delivering it into the output slot.

In case of missed booklet collection, the checkbook is retracted and sent for security reason into an internal collection box which is protected, as well as the whole external case, against unauthorized accesses through locking keys.

CBD 2000 connects to the driving computer by means of a RS232 serial port or alternatively via an USB 2.0 Full speed compatible link.



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