CBX 6000V

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The best system for your growing needs

The CBX 6000V is an advanced modular system with high performance created to process several kinds of documents, such as bank cheques, voucher, postal payment forms, restaurant tickets, coupons, etc.

CBX 6000V can automatically feed, read, encode, cancel, print, scan, and sort.

  • Automatic feeder with single drop slot
  • Reader for MICR and/or OCR and/or barcode
  • Viewing station
  • Encoder (font wheel type) for both OCR and MICR
  • Front printer and rear endorser
  • Front and rear scanner
  • MICR validation
  • Sorter with 6 pockets - max 4 sorters
  • RS232-SCSI II interfacing provides total system integration


    WIDTH Min 110 mm Max 220 mm
    HEIGHT Min 60 mm Max 110 mm
    WEIGHT Min 80 g/sqm Max 120 g/sqm
    THICKNESS Min 0,09 mm Max 0,14 mm
    Serial RS232 standard
    SCSI II standard for image acquisition